Spiritual rules of life (Article)

Universal spiritul rules of life

One of the main principles we will touch many times in different courses is what I call spiritual life rules.


Rules by which our world is managed. Some of them we all know: such as the rules of gravity, physics, and chemistry. There are other spiritual  rules that we have to learn and understand that the world we live in abides those rules,

Rule #1:

There is only one Source of energy in this universe.  This rule says that all the energy that is running this world is coming from the same Source. All life forms, including vegetation and inanimate, are different expressions of the same Source of energy. If we want to try to understand it better, we can think about electricity.

The Source of all the appliances in our house is the electricity in the power station. However, when we plug various appliances to the outlet, we get different electrical energy expressions. When we plug a fan, we will get kinetic energy, and when we plug a toaster, we will get heat. It is clear that the driving force behind all of those appliances is electricity. (I know you probably have a lot of questions about this rule.

You can find more lectures and articles in my website that will elaborate on this topic. Many of them are free. What it means for humans is that all of us are different expressions of the Creator. You can also think about it like waves in the ocean. Each wave has a different shape and form, but in the end they are all – OCEAN. a wave can’t decide to be unique,leave the ocean travel on land. They are all different expressions of the ocean

 Rule #2

The Source of life continually revives this reality. This rule means that the Entity created this world, did not create it, and left it alone for the next project. It is continually reviving our existence every waking second .there is no reality without the Creator that created it. He is a part of it and inside every atom and electron that turns in this universe.

Rule #3

The Divine’s purpose is to radiate as much health and goodness to all creations. This rule is hugely controversial, and we can spend the next year arguing about it , but at this point, please take it, at face value, and you don’t have to agree with it. Just know that Kabbalah’s philosophy is that there can’t be bad in the Creator, and if that is so, it means that the Creator cannot generate bad actions. We don’t see the good all the time because we are not in a level of consciousness that can understand that.  On that subject, you can find a lot more information on my website and various lectures on the web.

Rule #4

When we are connected to the Source of life in the right way, we will be happy and fill complete. This rule means that the reason we are suffering, whether the suffering is physical or mental, results from us not being connected to the Source. An example that can help us understand this concept a little better is of a person who walks down the street and sees a person poking another person lying on the ground with a sharp object. Our first reaction will be anger, maybe even rage on the offending person.

But if a standby person will tell us that the poking person is a doctor and he is actually performing a field procedure on the injured person to save his life. Our feelings will right away change from anger to gratitude and empathy. It is a matter of how we perceive the reality around us. Therefore, the more we will understand how we can connect to the Source of life the more content and complete we will feel.

Rule #5

Sickness results from a blockage (mental or physical) that does not let the Source of life radiate inside us . Whether it is up to us or not, any blockage that is not letting the Source of life flow inside us will eventually cause sickness. We will elaborate on this rule in great detail later on in this course because it is the key for physical and mental healing

Rule #6:

The purpose of suffering, both mental and physical, is to change our lifestyle to connect to the Source of energy that revives this world. I know that there is a lot we can say here, such as :  “how come suffering is happening to small children, what did they do wrong, and how can they change their lifestyle? This is also a controversial topic. An ocean of ink was spilled on it since the beginning of time, but let’s try to focus this rule on what WE can do to change our lifestyle. When are body has an ache, it is telling us that something is wrong with its functionality.

For example, a stomach ache will tell us that the food we are eating is too acidic and does not fit the anatomy of our body. Similarly when we have a negative feeling, it is a red flag that we are doing something that prevents us from being connected to the Source of life. The suffering is signaling us to make a change in our life. It is not a form of punishment from the Creator, rather a form of action and reaction. If we put our hand in the fire, for example,  we cannot say that the fire was mad at us for doing that and punished us for that action. Similarly when we do an action that goes against the rules of life, we will experience suffering. The suffering is a reaction to our actions/ it is not a result of the Divine’s anger.