Conditions of life according to natural medicine (Article)

What are conditions of life according to Natural Medicine ?

To understand this concept better, let us look it lower form of life Organism will know such as a grapevine. Let us thing together what a grapevine needs to grow and thrive. What does a Grapevine need in order to reach go potential that is enclosed in its genetic makeup. There are certain physical conditions that a grapevine needs in order to grow healthy sweet, beautiful grapes.

  1. The first one is sun too little sun would cause the grapes to be sour where too much sun can spoil them. adequate amount of exposure to sun is necessary for the Vine to grow
  2. The second thing is rich soil the soil needs to have the right mixture of minerals that are needed in order to feed the plant and grow it’s to it’s full potential. if some minerals are missing , most likely, there would be dissects in the growth process for plant in its fruits
  3. The third condition is temperature. whether it’s going to be too cold or too hot, it is going to affect the growth process of the Vine. temperature is a key factor to produce big, sweet healthy grapes.
  4. Water in a sufficient matter is also critical to grow a healthy plant. I’m sure you know that you feel under water your plants or over water it bold can spoil the plants
  5. Two more factors along the same line or clean air that is not polluted, as well as the proper spacing between the plants will allow them to grow and still feel their full potential.

So what does this example teach us ? It teaches us that every Organism has in its genetic code the ability to reach it’s full potential as a healthy thriving in productive Organism. However it needs to be exposed to the proper natural conditions in the proper moderation, in order for it to reach that potential

humans unlike plants, significantly more complex and the basic physical conditions did are needed to generate a healthy, thriving plant or not sufficient, to grow a healthy  happy thriving human being. In addition to the physical conditions, there are also mental or emotional conditions that need to be met. let’s go over some of the physical and mental conditions that need to be met in order two make the human Organism happy and thriving:

Similar two plants, and animals, humans also need the proper amount of sun, clean air, and clean water. We also need good nutrition that is based on, the proper building blocks, that are building and repairing our body every minute of the day and avoid as much as possible introducing our body to toxins. and when I say toxins, I mean anything that cannot be used, as a building block to feed our cells proper nutrition they need. Therefore, any food such as, processed food that contains chemicals, that cannot be digested by our digestive system, causes accumulation of toxins in our body, it will eventually cause in acute or Chronic illness. The best most nutritious food forebody is vegetables and fruit. Those the purest form of energy, proteins, and fats, that our body needs for its everyday activity.  Any other form of food usually needs to be processed in many ways before we can eat it. meat for example needs to be cooked, and oftentimes in modern industrial use has but variety of toxins that do not exist in an animal that grew up in a natural way. such as genetically modified fruits and vegetables, medication, and other toxins due to the poor and crowded conditions they usually live in. This is a very vast subject, and the purpose of this course is to touch the mental and emotional conditions are responsible for making us happy and content. However, we need to understand the basics, of the essential conditions that any Organism including humans need in order to be in a healthy state and if those conditions are not being” administered”. to the Organism in the right extent, it will slowly start to diminish the healthy state we’re in, in cause development of illness.

As well as proper nutrition, we also need insignificant workout, routine, since most of us in the modern world do not use our body, the way we used to, in the past or people had to work in physical jobs on a daily basis. the workout is essential for removing accumulated toxins in our body, through increased metabolism of our system. without workout, our body finds it very hard to remove accumulated toxicity, specially, toxins that have been accumulated in the deep tissues of her body over a long period of time.

Another extremely important effect of workout, is the release of hormones that immediate improve our mood. When our mood improves, get allows us to be more active, more optimistic, more containing. it opens up our ability to give others, and not be concentrated only in ourselves. Therefore, if you want immediate improvement in your level of happiness, you have to be engaged in daily workout routine, no matter what it is.

The last condition is proper rest and sleep.  when we sleep. Our body, can you utlilize it’s energy to heal and repair damaged tissues. when we sleep, we dream, and our dreams are a healing mechanism for our mind. if we didn’t dream, all our mental toxicity, that had accumulated in our mind during the day new bullet, not be able to be removed. Our dreams help us remove stress anxiety, anger, and other forms of negative mental toxicity that is constantly accumulated our mind. Rest is also an important factor in our health then I know that in modern life difficult to find time to rest during the day. But a fact is a fact, when we feel tired power body is asking us to rest for it to perform the necessary tasks it needs to perform, to heal our buddy. So, when we drink a Cup of coffee when we are tired, we are taking energy from our body, using reserves it does not have, and that is disrupting the normal healing activity of our body.

Let’s talk also, about some of the many the mental condition at a humid news in order to fly healthy and happy. windows are not written necessarily in order of importance I’m just pointing out some of them to show set those conditions have to be met in order for us to be happy and healthy

  1. Freedom of choice: every person they have a choice in their life that what they think matters. that they can affect the course of her life. when people are oppressed, or are in a mindset that they no control over their life, and at the course of life they live is dictated by forces that they cannot control or alter, it can cause a variety of negative emotions, that if please people are going too be in those conditions long enough, will develop into mental illness. Negative emotions and feelings such as anger fear, frustration, for prolonged periods of time, can lead to depression, anxiety, a variety of disorders and other addictive behaviors.
  2. Healthy relationships: relationships with your significant other, who is your children, with friends and family. deep healthy relationships are a key factor in our mental Wellness. I am sure that many of you experienced in their life the destruct if effect of challenges in relationships on your ability to function normally throughout the day as you experience these type of challenges. fight between a couple, can cause one to lose concentration at work, inhibit your ability to think straight, end generate negative feelings such as anger, sadness and anxiety. Lack of deep healthy relationships can bring a person too depression, for example.
  3. Sense of security. if you do not feel secure in your life, you are afraid for your life, portrait that something is going to happen to you such as layoffs, loss of your home, loss of your marriage for example, can lead 2 extreme emotional problems that most of them we described in the 1st condition catches depression anxiety, disorders addictive behaviors.
  4. Satisfaction with your love life. And that does not refer necessarily to sexual intercourse but, to the feeling that the person has somebody out there that loves them. Somebody that cares about them, somebody that is thinking about them. when you know that you have a significant other that cares about you it gives you a piece of mind, it gives you the ability to concentrate and focus on other aspects of your life and be productive. it also gives you the ability to give others as well. when you feel that you have a need that is not fulfilled, you’re always in a receiving mode , you do not have the capacity to think about this and attend to other people other people’s needs
  5. A sense of fulfillment: a feeling that your life mean something. That you have a certain goal in your life that you are trying to accomplish. If you walk around with a feeling that there is no point foe your existence, it is a very harsh feeling to bear. It can lead to depression and other disorders. That will affect your quality of life.

These examples that I gave here, are just a few of many such mental and emotional needs that we feel, that without them we are not going to be in good mental and physical health. So as you can see the human organism is significantly more complex than its animal and plant friends, and in order to keep it happy, healthy and thriving you need a lot more than just physical conditions.