Principles of Natural Medicine (Article)

Principles of natural medicine

Did you ever ask yourself, why do all plants animals and humans find the want to live, to reproduce, to thrive ? why do we all have these needs?

If you look at the dry rules of physics, actually every material, every atom wants to get to the minimal energetic level that it can be in. similar to water, that will always find the lowest point too slow too and stop at that point. if you consider this rule of physics that material always try to find the lowest energetic level possible, the most natural thing for every living Organism is “to die”.

I know it sounds harsh but as far as the rules of physics and this is the lowest energetic level achievable for every Organism. think about how much energy any Organism needs to create to keep itself alive. if we look at ourselves, we need to breathe, we need to eat, we need to drink, and in the old days it took so much energy for us  just to keep ourselves alive?

The question is why didn’t we just die ? if everything in nature, is all about chemical reactions, and energetic levels, any beginner chemist will tell you that every chemical reaction will always look for the lowest energetic level to occur. but we are all aware of the fact that every Organism has an incredible force inside it that wants to live, and not only live, but also to reproduce.

Why do we have this need to reproduce ? if chemistry is the only factor let created life in this universe, as some tend to claim, such as those claim that evolution is what created life in this universe, even if you believe in evolution you can’t stop asking yourself, where does it find the strong need to live in reproduce? if everything is just about random chemical reactions, then the most natural state of life, even if it was already created randomly somehow, is to die.
We can see as I put in this picture, that any form of life, has an incredible force inside it, that wants to grow, wants to thrive, wants to reproduce, and wants to live. and this is the force I’m talking about, the force of life.

Humans and animals thrived and reproduced since long before the invention of conventional medicine. What is the healing force that kept and keeps them healthy and alive for so many years?
how did they survive all these thousands of years or millions of years without medicine?
Of course, the answer is clear, every Organism has inside it mechanisms for self-healing. If you look at the animal Kingdom, wounded or sick animals for example, if you have pets, you probably noticed it, that a sick animal does not eat, it just rests and drinks a little bit of water. Until It heals.
Also, when you think about yourself, when you are sick, you lose your appetite, and you just want to rest.
Those are natural reactions of our body to heal itself. Our body knows that in times of illness, our body needs to rest in order to use its energy to heal the illness. And when we eat, for example, a significant amount of energy, is being used by our body to digest the food. that is why when we are sick we are not hungry, it’s because our body once to utilize it’s energy to heal itself and not to digest food. our body has enough reserves of energy inside it, to keep itself alive for many days without us having to eat. pain is also used by our body to tell us that something is wrong but also, to limit our movement, in order to let it fight the illness. when we take a pill to reduce fever or headache, we are in a way cheating our body, do you think that we are well, and then a significant amount of energy that the body needs to utilize to heal the illness , is going to other areas, such as digestion and movement.
Natural medicine connects to these simple understandings of how organisms Heal themselves and applies these techniques to humans in order to attain effective healing without the need medication.