Our everyday life is full of hardships. “Life is not easy”, as they say.

  • Why is our life so hard?
  • Why do we have so many challenges?
  • How do we keep our sanity?
  • How many times in our life did we try to balance life without success?
  • How many of us cannot seem to maintain a good healthy balance in our life?
  • Balance that includes mental and physical wellness?
  • How many of us are dealing with chronic mental and physical illnesses?
  • Illnesses that prevent us from living a happy, full, and content life?

al with hardships. This information will help you realize what is the true meaning of those hardships and, most importantly, what can you do about it. It will give you PRACTICAL methods to apply to your everyday life.

I did not make up any information on this website, it is all taken from a 3500-year-old wisdom called kabbalah. This wisdom that was carried out throughout the ages of history from Sages to their students.
Only in the recent 200 years or so, this information became more open to the public. Because the Sages of the new era, saw the need to share this wisdom with the world.
The world has been changing and people were getting further and further away from their roots, From their traditions, from their natural self and their natural instincts.

People started to lose direction. So many of them were lost and confused. Have no sense of belonging to anything. And the old traditions, carried out through the generations, seem suddenly in this new evolving world, obsolete, irrelevant, prejudiced, intolerant, un-flexible to changes that are rapidly happening around us.

How can one connect to their old traditions, where there is so much that does not make sense anymore with the modern world?

This wisdom of Kabballah holds enormous secrets about this universe. About our spiritual nature. About the true, pure connection and relationship with the entity that created this incredible world around us.

If you think about it in terms of computer science, it is like the machine code of a computer.
The true code that makes the computer do what its supposed to do.
We use many different software tools but at the end they are all interfaces for humans to speak with the computer and tell it what to do.
This is what Kabballah is for us, it is the mother language. It is the code that explains the essence of our existence. Why we are here. What is our purpose.

For the ancient generations, it was very clear.
Faith was an integral part of their life. The existence of God or a higher being was so obvious. There was no question about it for them, that their what happens to them in this life, is a result of their actions toward their god/s, no matter what their faith was.

But today, this connection between what is happening to us in our daily life and the Divine, is extremely weak and for so many of us, non-existent.

The wisdom of Kabbalah helps us see the true picture. Connects us back to the source. Makes us understand that meaning of what is happening to us. It makes sense.
It is not something that we need to accept as an axiom just because somebody said so. It is logical.
And it is UNIVERSAL.
It applies to any human being on this planet. It does not discriminate between different groups.
The same way that the rules of physics or chemistry do not discriminate between different people, the spiritual rules and structure of Kabbala do not discriminate.

It’s true that it is an integral part of the Jewish faith, but it is universal to any living creature.

However, most of it is written in Hebrew or Aramaic, and some in Arabic. It is not readily available to the public. Moreover, some of it old and the terminology and language used cannot be easily translated straight out to English. It will be lost in translation.

In this website, I am bringing to you and ocean of information put together in a modern language. With modern terms and a ton of everyday examples that makes this wisdom accessible, clear and coherent.

I put together many slides that catch the essence of the concepts and ideas in a visual, easy to understand form, For your convenience.

This is a life project for me,

I am just starting but I have endless amount of information that I intend to upload to this website with you help and the help of others with one intention.


I really hope that you enjoy this website and find it helpful
I would love to hear your feedback, good and bad.
Share with me what was your experience.
What are your challenges.
I am also available for online, personal and group sessions with appointment.

I am extremely excited that it fell in my had the ability to put this meaningful project together.
And I wish all of you the best of with your journey on this planet.

The Importance of Mental and physical wellness.


Mentally well people are positive, self-assured and happy. They are in control of their thoughts, emotions and behaviour. This enables them to handle challenges, build strong relationships and enjoy life.
Achieving good mental health will enable you to:

  • Realise your own abilities,
  • Cope with the stress and challenges of life,
  • Engage in productive work,
  •  Contribute to your community.
  • Sustaining mental health requires time and effort. The more you invest in your mental health, the stronger it will become.
    Working Towards Mental Wellness
    However, how many of us can say that they are truly happy?
    Modern life is full of challenges.
  •  Career
  • Marital challenges
  • Raising children
  • Maintaining good physical health.
  • Financial challenges


How are we going to find the energy to deal with all these challenges.



Imagine that our mind’s capacity to bear hardships and stress is like a network cable in our computer, or an electrical wire . there is only so much it can hold before there is information overload.

So we understand we need to decrease the load in order to avoid stress overload.
But how are we supposed to do that?
How can we deal with so many negative events that are happening to us on a daily basis?
These events and challenges are accumulated in our mind, in the same manner toxicity is accumulated in our body, and eventually it will cause illness.

The fast pace we live in today, including the exposure to infinite amount of information, is very challenging for us, our soul is not designed to contain so many problems.
We bear in our mind the problems of everyone on the globe. We hear on the news about disasters, and horrific events. Our soul is trying to contain all this information and stay sane.

On the other hand we hold also all the desires and aspirations of anyone on the globe.
If we lived a hundred years ago, all we were exposed to , was in our nearest surrounding. Our grasp of wealth and possibilities was limited to what we could see around us.
But today, we are exposed to the endless opportunities and possibilities that are our there.
Wealth opportunities, housing opportunities, travel and even sexual opportunities
Our mind is flooded with desires and aspirations that a person that lived only 100 years or so never even dreamed of.
And since there is no realistic way for us to fulfil all these desires and aspirations that are surrounding us, we are oftentimes, frustrated.
We want better life, we can hold it in our palm (phones) but we can’t reach it
We are never satisfied.


About The Author


My name is Sagie, I was born in Israel and lived there most of my life. I am happily married to Maya and have 5 children, 4 boys and one girl. I put this picture in here to give you a funny glimpse of our daily life. It is full of energy, craziness, fights, challenges and of course, love and happiness.
My life is crazy busy and full of challenges. I am not coming from a peaceful Indian guru type of lifestyle.
This great method I will present to you, I applied in my own life for 2 years before I decided to share it with others. And today, after 2 years, I still have a great deal of challenges. My house is still crazy sometimes, but it had tremendously impacted my family and I.
We are constantly dealing with challenges and changing our ways to live a happier, meaningful and healthier life.

My background is actually in engineering, but I always had the zest for helping others. A few years ago, I decided to change my career and turn my everyday activity toward assisting others to live a better, more fulfilling life.
I have been doing face to face counselling for some time, and at some point I decided that with an online course, I can reach and impact the lives of many more people
However, I am still performing face to face and web-based counselling every week
Each one you, if you wish, can approach me for personal or group mentoring as well.



The origins of the method is taught by Elima school of natural medicine and mental health, in Israel. There I learned in great depth the secrets of natural medicine and mental health healing by the principles of Kabballah written by great sages of the Jewish faith over the past 3500 years or so.



The method I am presenting to you today was extracted from this tremendous wisdom written over hundreds of thousands of pages. An ocean of information that one person cannot digest over one lifetime.
It was developed gradually over the years by leading sages that were Kabballah leaders of their time and great physicians and healers.
I have been, and still am, learning this subject every day and will do so for the rest of my life since I have a great passion for it. I also have a great urge to convey this message to any soul willing to open its heart and listen to this divine wisdom. Because I know inside my heart that this method is not just useful information to live a better life, it is engraved from the wisdom of the Entity that designed the reality we live in, and created the path for us to connect to the Source of this universe.
In one word – ANYONE.
No matter who you are, if you have hardships, challenges, stress, anxiety, you are dealing with chronic illnesses both physical and mental. This course is for you.
It is NOT designed just for sick people. But for anyone that wishes to improve their life quality. Anyone that wants to acquire tools to deal with their life, with their hardships, whether their hardships are with their significant other, at their workplace, with their children or other family members.
Whether the hardship is an ongoing pain or discomfort
The rules I am going to teach you in this website is true for all these cases because they are UNIVERSAL. Unlike modern medicine, each and every medicine has to be tailored specifically for every person. Not every chemical fits all organisms. In this case. The rules are universal and the methods can be adopted by anyone. With a variety of mental challenges such as:

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Frustrations Insecurity
  • Life balance challenges such as
  •  Work related hardships
  •  Marital problems,
  •  Hardships in your Love life
  • Family matters: raising children, and conflicts with other family members.
  • A sense of lack of personal fulfilment.
  • Personal hardships such as
  • Divorce
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Job loss
  • And also physical illnesses such as
  • Chronic indigestion
  • Chronic migraines
  • Chronic pain
  • Sleep disorders
  • Eating disorders

There are plenty more hardships that this website can help you with , that I have not written, here in order not to turn this page into a very long list.


Who This Website is Not Designed for:

It is very important for me to tell you that:
The information here is NOT a substitute to your physician and by no means DOES NOT TELL you to ignore your physician or not to take your prescribed medications.

You can use this information ALONG with your physician’s instructions and with their CONSENT.

If you have questions, and you want to adopt a certain method, you HAVE TO SHARE YOUR INTENTIONS WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN. And make sure they approve of it.